Procreate Dreams, Procreate .swatches ANALOGICAK200T Palette, Film Emulation for Procreate filetype: .swatches

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Introducing ANALOGICAK200T: Procreate .swatches for Procreate and Procreate Dreams

Capture the timeless aesthetic of Kodak 200T film with our ANALOGICAK200T Procreate .swatches film emulation.
Transform your digital artwork into a nostalgic masterpiece with the iconic color palette and grain characteristic of this beloved analog film.

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Key Features:

Kodak 200T Inspiration: Immerse your artwork in the distinctive tones of Kodak 200T film, renowned for its warm and vibrant hues.
Easy Application: Simply import our Procreate .swatches file to effortlessly infuse your digital creations with the nostalgic charm of analog photography.
Filmic Textures: Achieve the authentic look and feel of film with carefully curated grain textures, adding depth and character to your Procreate projects.
Versatile Use: Perfect for illustrations, designs, and digital art where you want to evoke the classic beauty of analog film photography.
Elevate your Procreate experience and give your creations the timeless touch of ANALOGICAK200T. Download now and embark on a journey of artistic nostalgia!

Edit and color grade your footage!
We have helped a lot of Photographers, Filmmakers Videomakers, Color Graders, Streamers and Artists!

It's so easy, a dream come true.

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