Film Wave Fusion Composition Node for Professional Color Grading DaVinci Resolve Studio, Handmade Analog Film Emulation, Film Shake

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Immerse your videos in the rhythmic motion of analog film with this film emulation by analogica.lab. If you're seeking to emulate the mesmerizing feel of a classic film reel, look no further! This is where you'll find the fluid motion and timeless aesthetic of an iconic film roll, now applicable to all your digital creations through this Fusion Composition for Davinci Resolve.

How does it work? Visit this quickstart guide video for FilmBreath and FilmWave:

Edit and grade your footage like never before! We have aided countless Photographers, Filmmakers, Videomakers, Color Graders, Streamers, and Artists in breathing new life into their creations!

For those infatuated with the allure of analog film, FilmWave might be the game-changer you've been waiting for. We all understand that the distinctive appeal of analog footage lies in its unique characteristics: the soft movement, the flicker, the shifts in focus. Recreating these effects digitally can be daunting, but that's why we've developed FilmWave. This advanced tool allows you to emulate the analog film movement directly on your DaVinci Resolve.

With FilmWave, you gain control over three crucial aspects of your image: fluttering, gain, and defocusing, creating a beautiful and immersive film experience.

Analogica.lab Fusion Composition is natively supported in the following applications:

DaVinci Resolve Studio

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Note: This is a digital product. The digital download is immediately available after purchasing the product. Compatible only with Davinci Resolve. Davinci Resolve Studio is required for the full compatibility of this Power Grade.

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